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Chroma Signet is an open source barcode that makes supply chains transparent. Our smart packaging technology connects you directly to your customers, tells your brand's story, and turns your customers into loyal fans.
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Why Signet is the smart choice
Supply chainvisibility
Come for the fast and reliable product authentication. Stay for the opportunity to build rewarding relationships with your customers.
How it Works
1. ScanA potential customer scans the outer code to instantly find out in-depth product info, like supply chain transparency data.
2. PeelAfter purchase, the customer peels off the outer code to reveal the colorful inner code.
3. AuthenticateUsing our app, the customer scans the inner code to authenticate the product and confirm their purchase.
4. EngageThe Signet app connects you to your customers in meaningful ways. It can record metrics that help you better understand and retain them. And our automated digital coupon system makes rewarding loyalty easy.
What our tech means for youThe software protocol underlying Chroma Signet was designed to connect physical objects with cryptographically verified digital identities (that’s how the Signet code and app interact to prove authenticity).It’s also based on an open protocol, which means you have full control over your data and your destiny. If you decide to stop using our service, you’re free to take your data and use our protocol to build your own solution. That’s what our system is designed for.
Yes, you own your dataChroma Signet is a modern zero party data service. Zero-party data is marketing information that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. It can include demographic data, purchase data, and messaging preferences.Most free apps monetize your data behind the scenes in order to pay the bills. We do things differently at Signet. When customers give you permission to market to them, we send their records directly to you. That means you can retain them even if you later sever ties with us. And we don’t sell data to anyone.Your customer data belongs to you.
What your customers will enjoy
Easy authenticationSignet verifies that the product in your customer’s hands really is what it says it is. The code can’t be counterfeited, faked, or hacked. With our proof of authenticity, your customer knows they’re safe.
Insider informationKnowing a product’s history and origin empowers customers to vote with their wallets. Thanks to Signet, they can make informed choices about the brands they want to support and help shape the industry as a whole.
Rewards for loyaltyShouldn’t repeat business earn a customer more than just a punch card? Signet makes it easy for you to give your customers exclusive discounts, early bird drops, and more.
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