Level the playing field

People care about what they spend their money on. But information about social equity is hard to find on a store shelf. That’s where Signet steps in – a quick scan reveals a product’s entire supply chain, including the diversity of its members.Signet got its start in response to a cannabis company’s concern about seeing counterfeit versions of their vape pens hit the market. But as we learned more about the cannabis industry in America we realized that provenance should be about more than just product safety.The legacy of the War on Drugs disproportionately affects communities of color. Cannabis is also a capital-intensive industry. That’s a big hurdle for any small business owner, but even more of an obstacle for entrepreneurs who have historically been financially disenfranchised and have less access to capital than their peers.
It has never been more vital to support Black-owned businesses. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, lists of Black-owned restaurants, shops, and services circulate on social media. With Signet, a product’s provenance is accessible from the package itself, which makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions.
By making the supply chain visible, Signet amplifies the minority- and women-owned intermediaries involved in the production process. We envision a future where this information is instantly accessible, and historically disenfranchised entrepreneurs get the opportunities they deserve.
We are proud to work withThe Original Equity Group, Momentum, and Dream.These partnerships have furthered our understanding of social equity and helped us build a better product. We’re always looking for more partners to help make a level playing field a reality.
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